How to scan your computer for driver updates

This quick and easy guide to start scanning your computer for driver updates, and keep them updated at all times.

Driver updates can help:

1. Fix bugs, errors and other problems of the old driver
2. Improved long-term reliability of your hardware
2. Improve equipment performance
3. Unlock and use your hardware supports special features
4. Support for new hardware and software
5. Improve the compatibility of the new operating system
6. Extend the life of your computer


This guide will show you three different ways to scan your computer for driver updates, and find out what drivers need updating.

1. Using a Windows driver update wizard

How to find driver updates:

A. Click Start , click Run , type MMC devmgmt.msc, and then press the Enter key . In Windows 7 or later, you can simply type in the search box device manager .

B. In the "Device Manager" window, find what you are looking for newer devices. Right-click it, then click "Update Driver."

C. This will start the driver update wizard, you either give up you have the option to download and install updates, or let Windows search for driver updates available Windows updates the database.

Although it looks simple, the results are usually different on different computers. There are many reports that, Windows Update does not provide the latest updates . Worse, through the "Device Manager" update driver in the process, can be annoying and overwhelming everyday user.

driver update

2. Access to a PC or hardware manufacturer's Web site

Almost all computer hardware manufacturer's device driver support page to download. If you have a brand like HP or Dell PC, simply go to their website and find the support page, and enter your model or service mark to see the results. If you have a custom computer, you will need the manufacturers to visit our website, depending on your hardware components installed on your computer.

Although this is the ideal way update the driver , a fair percentage of users get lost in the maze of support the maze of support information, device and download . Correctly identify the hardware and downloaded the wrong driver , the rest of some end halfway. So, if you manage to download the correct driver, you can follow the instructions they were successfully installed on your computer.

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