How to Setup a Remote Access Server

Windows server routing and remote access, you can create a virtual private network (VPN)create on your corporate network. Remote Access Services to forward internal VPN traffic to the Internet and forward services to internal traffic to the correct server or client computer. The Remote Access Service is a part of the Windows 2003 server software, but it is not enabled or configured after you install the operating system. To set up your remote access, offers a Windows utility to configure the service.


1. Click on the Windows 2003 "Start" button and choose "Manage." Click "Routing and Remote Access" to open your console. Click your server in the left pane of the console, and select "Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access." This is a configuration assistant.

2. Click "Continue" on the window that opens. Select "Custom Configuration" and click "Next." Select the check box labeled "NAT-access" and "NAT and basic firewall." Click "Next."

3. Click "Finish" on the final screen. A pop-up dialog box appears in which you are asked if you want to activate the service immediately. Click "Yes" to start the service.

4. Mouse button on the "IP Routing" on the left side and select "New Interface." This creates a new IP routing interface for the VPN network. A new wizard window opens. Select "Local Network" from the list of options and click "OK".

5. Click on "NAT" under the new interface, and choose "Properties". Click IP Security "and select" Properties ". Enter "" for the network address, and click "OK". This IP address is the internal routing server address that sets the local server as the internal IP router determines.

6. Click the name of your server on the left side of the console, and select "Properties". Click "Static address pool" and then enter the IP address range that should route users. This is the local network IP address range. Click on "OK". Click "OK" to return to the main properties window to save the settings and close the configuration window.


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